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An off-grid Smart Thinking- Smart Village

Village are the basic unit of human dwelling. It is the symbol of primary settlement of communities.
Promoting the new thinking as a catalyst to development, global communities are appreciating the concept of Smart Village worldwide. With enabling provision for basic amenities like- water, energy, sanitation, nutrition, education, clean and green sustainable solutions, enhanced security, gender equality and prosperity all around are the ‘smart’ constituents of a village.

In the campus of IILM, this concept was not only celebrated but also innovated further to add excellence and value. Civil Engineering Department Prepared and Presented Institutional Project “Smart Village” during Ignite (Tech Fest) 2018.

Learning, Working and Entrepreneurship Aspects of Smart Village covered under the concept by the students are as follows-

1. Solar Power System, calculation of loads for various utilities in the Smart Village.
2. Sensor-based Working model of Sewage Treatment Plant.
3. Rain Water Harvesting Solar Power based Irrigation Pumps and Sensor based Sprinkling /Drip Irrigation to conserve water.
4. ‘E-Choupal’ for the knowledge of agro tools, rotation of crops, govt policies, e-market, link with mandies and Kisan call center: 1800-180-1551
5.Use of waste material – Infection free grain container, fly ash brick manufacture.
6. Economics of cooperative Dairying, composting, Vermicomposting and Gobar Dhan (Bio-Gas Production).
7. Cooperative Agriculture and Soil Less Agriculture.
8. Skill Development, Repair, and Maintenance of Agrotools.
9. Handicraft and Local production of Pickle, Chatni, and Vinegar.

The journey has many milestones, IILM students are proud to conquer such steps this time.


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