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Laboratory-enabled Robotics Learning

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have transformed the functionality of modern times industries and the outlook for the world in numerous ways. The thing which was rather hard to presume centuries back has taken a practical shape now. Scientists and Technocrats have already reached at the consensus that the coming age will be majorly guided and influenced by the Robots, Robotic Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Each coming day we hear or read about robots who have replaced human at a number of places. Going in line with this, learning the upcoming technology make a lot of sense career-wise. Apart from the conceptual based learning, laboratories do play an undeniably significant role in learning.

Advance Robotics laboratory is used for the robotics training to ECE Course students for the participation in the robotics events worldwide. The Objective of this lab is to spread the robotics among the students and to create a competitive industry required robotics skill sets in them. This is the platform where Electronics and Communication Engineering students can learn robotics and do a wide range of experiments as research.

The Advanced Robotics Labmeant for B.Tech ECE has developed a prototype designed for the purpose of Surveillance and Lifting. Surveillance is a common factor whether is it home surveillance or military surveillance, for example, a building under a hostage situation. Hence the main feature of our robot is an onboard video camera. It has an arm for lifting objects like the bottle, tetra blocks etc. Through this, we can develop a visual pattern recognition system which is used in machine vision applications for object identification and hand-eye coordination. It can be used to provide services as a platform as a service in cloud computing.

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department has advanced robotics laboratory with following features:

  • Robotics modules for the development of robots, purchased from the USA
  • Lab-View Software from National Instruments (NI), USA
  • MyRIO1900 latest microcontroller from NI, USA
  • Latest configuration PC for the software development of robots

General Robotics Development Hardware, Instrumentation and Prototyping Equipment:

• MYRIO Controller:
• DC Motor Controller
• Servo Motor Controller
• Battery
• USB Camera

MYRIO is an educational FPGA with advanced application support specifically for ECE engineering modeling with the major advantage of simulating real-time systems. It is stacked up with latest Zynq System on chip technology from Xilinx, with a powerful dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor and an FPGA that has 28,000 programmable logic cells, 10 analog inputs, 6 analog outputs, 40 lines of digital input/output (DIO), and audio I/O channels. The MyRIO kit is a perfect fit for students doing academic projects. It comes with an onboard WiFi module, 3 axis accelerometer, and four programmable LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) in an enclosed box for circuit protection. MyRIO is customizable with the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module. The NI myRIO-1900 provides analog input (AI), analog output (AO), digital input and output(DIO), audio, and power output in a compact embedded device. DC Motor Controller is used to control the revolutions of dc motor and transfer the power supply to another controller. It operates on 12v. It has two encoder ports and two dc motor ports.

Functioning Robot

(Functioning Robot)

Tetrix Servo Motor Controller has six channels to control the six servos on the allotment of channels. It has three color codes i.e yellow, red and black according to these color codes servo is connected to this controller. It has a LAN cable to connect the nodule to the other module. This bot is powered by 12V NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Battery, current rating is 3,000mAh(Milli Ampere Hour). It has 10 cell which stores charge for a long time and make it more stable for operations. For Safety, it has 20amp replaceable fuse. In this Logitech C170 USB, Camera is used for surveillance. By this camera edge detection, color detection and image processing tasks are complete. It is fitted on the top of the controller.

Major Benefits of Prototype-

Compatible to connect other devices: It is compatible to connect other devices such as Android phones, laptop, and tablet by developing Lab VIEW app.
Easy to access: Through NI Cloud Portal user can access his device from any location.
Load with ammunitions: Today in defense, most of the countries use ammunitions such as machine gun, grenade launcher on their bots for quick response in critical situations.
Weather Stability: It can work in any types of weather situations i.e. rain, hot summer, winter etc.
Easy to Handle: It is easy to handle, only simple commands to control by remote or laptop.

(Student team working on Robot)

(IILM Robot participated in World Robot Olympaid India – 2017)


Blog by: Ms. Garima Kulshreshtha, Asst. Professor ECE, IILM CET, Greater Noida


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