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IILM Student’s Canvas of Imagination at ‘Innovation Budge’

IILM Engineering encourages and supports students to showcase & nurture their creativity and innovative skills.

To motivate them further in this direction, students with creativity and zeal for innovation got registered for National Project Competition 2018 – ‘Innovation Budge’ at Sharda University, Greater Noida. The event included various new innovative, smart ideas including solid waste disposal, sanitation, hazards of improper methods and their possible implementation.

IILM CET student models (03) were among 60 entries, which got selected out of 140 plus submissions for this event.  Our bright students had an excellent opportunity to showcase their idea with prototypes and interact with industrial expertise as well as fellow participants across various national level universities and colleges industries.

Gold nanorods for killing cancer cells’, ‘Microbial fuel cells for energy generation utilizing Wastewater’ and ‘Replacement of Wood and Timber’ models were presented at the event by IILM CET. Exhibits worked upon through innovative approach addressing social and environmental issues were keenly seen & understood by the students.


One of the IILM Engineering student ‘Girish Kumar Sharma’ (ME 3rd Year), won the second prize under Category-B (ME, Automobile and Civil Projects). He has been working quite relentlessly on this idea and had earlier also participated and won at IILM College of Engineering’s IGNITE’18 Techfest.


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