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Our experiment with Automatic Tyre Inflation System

Automatic (self) Tyre Inflation System is designed by Mechanical students to maintain a recommended level of pressure inside the tires by sensing even a small reduction in pressure. For sensing a reduction in pressure level a pressure transducer is installed that measure pressure inside the tires and send a feedback signal to control circuit. Purpose of designing this system is to optimize the vehicle performance as well as the safety. A 12 Volt DC electrical portable air compressor is used to provide air for maintaining pressure. A 12-volt automotive rechargeable battery supply electrical power to the compressor.

Generally, public vehicles are equipped with pressure measuring transducers that monitor pressure inside the tires, but there’s no way for the vehicle driver to maintain proper pressure level without an external air source. So this system may be installed on common passenger vehicles. It is cheap and required very less maintenance.

Component of System

  1. 12 Volt portable Air compressor
  2. 12 Volt Battery
  3. Pressure transducers
  4. Electronic control circuit
  5. Rotary Joint
  6. Pedestal Bearing
  7. Chain Drive
  8. Solenoid Valve


  1. It may be installed in common passenger vehicles like bikes, cars, buses.
  2. It may be used in emergency vehicles like ambulance, police vehicles and fire vehicle.
  3. It may be used in transports vehicles like trucks.
  4. It may be used in sports utility vehicles as there is regular need of checking of air pressure.
  5. It may be installed in military vehicles.

 Team Members

  1. Ambuj Anand (ME 2016-20)
  2. Khushnandan Kumar (ME 2016-20)
  3. Sandeep Kumar (ME 2016-20)
  4. Vikash Kumar (ME 2016-20)

Mentor: Mr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, IILM CET, Greater Noida


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